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Text banner ads like on Google
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Network of the Apes articles and news Site Management: Ups and Downs

When I titled this message, I had no idea how true it would be. Someone used a common exploit to get into the admin portion of php-nuke. While I patch it, you'll notice a few things go up and down. Have no fear, all is safe again and nothing got hurt.

Posted by badmonkey on Sunday, January 16 @ 20:17:31 PST (9 reads)
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Network of the Apes articles and news Site Management: PHP5

So I upgraded to PHP5 today... Thus, the galleries aren't working. I'll have time to look at it later, but for now they are turned off. Sorry about that.
Posted by badmonkey on Sunday, September 12 @ 14:36:17 PDT (58 reads)
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Network of the Apes articles and news Creations: Some fun...

There are a couple of fun pictures added to my portfolio. One is parody and the other is a useful sign to post in the office. Somehow, both are also quite factual. Feel free to pass these two around, but remember that I own the rights to the warning...

Posted by badmonkey on Friday, July 30 @ 19:31:00 PDT (76 reads)
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Network of the Apes articles and news Site Management: Webmail Disabled

Thanks to a couple of spammers that can't seem to understand that a personal website is not their place of business, Webmail has been disabled for now. I will re-enable it on a user by user basis and it will only be available by personal request.

If you'd like to complain personally to luckystrikelottery@yahoo.co.uk, delottoromepromo@mail2world.com, jansen_arent@mail2world.com, ukcoordinator2004@yahoo.com, premierlotto_uk@mail2world.com, jack_arent@yahoo.com or winninglottery5_2004@doramail.com who the offending accounts were created by, please do. I'm sure they want to hear from you... Especially to let them know what assholes they have been by abusing the policies of this site. As for me, I'm talking to an attorney friend. There are now laws which protect us from this kind of abuse and there are penalties, both monetary and criminal, for abusing usage agreements for this site, my ISP and their ISP/mail providers - even across international borders.

Fun eh? I'll have a workable solution for my real users soon. And I'll have some documents for the offending parties or their mail/connection providers soon as well. I hope they can understand legalese. (Update: The offending accounts have been removed and I'll be working on a system to thwart the spammers. Webmail will be back up soon and you'll only notice a couple of differences. If you've got ideas on how to fix it or any other feedback, let me know.)

Posted by badmonkey on Tuesday, June 01 @ 11:14:55 PDT (134 reads)
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Raze Music and Media Announcements: Old Souls Update

The Everlasting EP is finally finished. To hear the last track "Superior" off the CD click here. Snippets from other tracks on the album will be available soon at www.oldsoulsmusic.com. As of now there are some bios and some really dope Graffitti art work available. You can contact Raze to get your hands on a copy of the 9 track EP. Thanks to everybody for checkin' us out. Props up to Tim and Tom for puttin' together the June 5th event below.
Posted by Raze on Friday, May 28 @ 09:27:11 PDT (98 reads)
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